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I am automating some processes which are spcific to each job. I was doing pretty well, but have not been able to replace variables with their value in a file.


For example.


I have a text file with commands for a router. in the text file are variables that will be specific to each router. Such as IP address = %T1%.


I have some popups that ask questions storing those values as variables T1, T2, T3, etc.


Once all the questions are answered I need to open the text file, and replace %T1% with the value stored for that variable and so on with T2, T3 etc. then save the file as temp1 for upload to the router.


When the script begins it will find the file, delete the temp file if exists, clear all variables, and then begin the process. But I can not figure out how to get the values into the file. Does anyone have some assistance or examples of this?


A brief example of the file is attached.


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