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Ok, let's see if I can re-create this... I go into a macro that is on our Shared drive and used by many people.


I make changes to it.


I usually have them terminate ME and then open up the .mex file again. Lately they've been getting the "macro can't be found (i'm doing this from memory) would you like to create a new one, find one like it, cancel" .... it's that dialogue box with 3 options.


I've got one user who called just now and he still can't get it to quit giving that message.


What can I do to stop this from happening because when I'm not here, well I wont' say the WHOLE hospital comes to a stand still .... LOL... just kidding. <_<


Renee :rolleyes:

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If your users are sharing a single macro file you need to make sure that the "File Locking of Macro Files" and "Automatic Synchronization Update" options are enabled. These are found in Options | Preferences | Network.


These are disabled by default. Are these options enabled for your users?


By the way, if 'Automatic Synchronization Update' is enabled, the users will not have to terminate and relaunch Macro Express. Each copy of Macro Express will reload the macro file when a changed macro file is detected. The 'Synchronize Ever [ xx ] Minutes' option determines how often Macro Express checks for changes. By default, this is set to 10 minutes.

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