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What about a Google Hangout Live of MacroExpress 3.x users?

Bruce Thomson

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Hi folks,


'Just joined. I'm in New Zealand.


Dunno how many members there are of this topic, but perhaps a few might like to have an online vid-conference using Google Hangouts.


If so, you have to have a Google+ Account (easy, costs nothing). Up to 9 people can participate.

But others can watch it live on YouTube (even can post questions to us live), and it can be saved if we like for future viewing, private or public.


I've been using MacroExpress for decades and totally love it.
(Rubberstamp stock texts - email address, street address, explanations - but also automating tweets from big list of quality tweets I've built using Excel)


'Resolved this year I'd use it even more.


To be global, a good teleconference time would be 1pm LA time = 4pm NY time = 9pm UK time = 10am NZ time


If interested, email me your email address and I'll make a Google+ circle that I can use for inviting people.


'Just an idea, 'doesn't matter.




Bruce (Tomo) Thomson NZCE Telecom
Online writer, presenter. New Zealand



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