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    Find Text and Get Coordinates in a web browser?

    In the Tools menu, select Mouse Locator (it creates a little box window showing the coordinates of the mouse) Not only does it display the coordinates, but you can POSITION the mouse at any desired point (when you are in Edit mode, see option under the Capture option) While in the Edit mode, look at left, see Mouse, and use the little down arrow to open up the Mouse options. Double-click Mouse Move Position the mouse at the desired position, then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Space to insert that position into the command. If you also want to copy the chunk of text, consider using the Keyboard command, which enables you to do things like Shift-End capture the characters from current position to end of text. And Ctrl-C to copy that text.
  2. Bruce Thomson

    Reg: Assertions capability

    === You'll love the 'Capture' option - If the procedure you want to automate is always exactly the same, just - click on the Capture button at left sidebar - set up a keyboard shortcut, such as Ctrl-Alt-Shift C - at the bottom, choose which window the macro will start from - click OK - carefully do the procedure, and finish by pressing that same keyboard shortcut. === Nice options for speeding the macro and making it easy to edit... - Options menu - Preferences - General - (the Tab) Capture - Capture Speed (unclick 'Capture at a specific speed') - OK === Now right click on the macro - Choose Edit Macro - Wait for the editor to load - At left, open the Timing menu option (click the < at left of <Timing) - Choose Mouse Speed, and give it a few milliseconds of delay, e.g. 3
  3. Hi folks, 'Just joined. I'm in New Zealand. Dunno how many members there are of this topic, but perhaps a few might like to have an online vid-conference using Google Hangouts. If so, you have to have a Google+ Account (easy, costs nothing). Up to 9 people can participate. But others can watch it live on YouTube (even can post questions to us live), and it can be saved if we like for future viewing, private or public. I've been using MacroExpress for decades and totally love it. (Rubberstamp stock texts - email address, street address, explanations - but also automating tweets from big list of quality tweets I've built using Excel) 'Resolved this year I'd use it even more. To be global, a good teleconference time would be 1pm LA time = 4pm NY time = 9pm UK time = 10am NZ time If interested, email me your email address and I'll make a Google+ circle that I can use for inviting people. 'Just an idea, 'doesn't matter. Cheers, Bruce (Tomo) Thomson NZCE Telecom Online writer, presenter. New Zealand palmytomo@gmail.com