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Dragon Naturally Speaking v12.5 preventing some of my usual macros to run

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I have been using Macro Express Pro since the the first version a couple of decades ago. I can't operate without it. This week I installed Dragon... v12.5.


Immediately, several of my macros failed to work. Specifically those that required a Ctrl or Shift to invoke. I reviewed the hot key setup in Dragon and removed all but one (screen shot attached).


My macros will still not invoke. As soon as I shut down Dragon, my macros resume their proper functioning.


Per suggestion from the Insight Solutions support team, I tried:

1. After opening Dragon, open Macro Express and click on Tools | Restore Keyboard Hooks. Try one of your macros.

2. Or after opening Dragon, close Macro Express completely - File | Terminate Macro Express Editor & Player. Restart Macro Express and try a macro.


Neither of these suggestions worked.


Does any one else have experience using Dragon and have you experienced the issue I have stated? Were you able to figure out a fix?


Thank you.





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I rely heavily on Macro Express and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and have for years. I have not detected any conflicts.


Please post an example of one or more of your Macro Express scripts. Maybe it has something to do with your scripting technique. If that's the problem, you may need to rewrite or revise your ME scripts.


Are you running any specialty software? E.g., a screen reader or screen magnifier?

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