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Using ME3 or Pro to automate generating Windows Remote assist. rqst


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My mom is significantly limited in her vision. She uses her computer a modest amount, and I would like to help her remotely when she has problems. I have tried unsuccessfully to use ME3 & Pro to generate the request to be sent to me. I can't get ME3 to do anything with the Windows Remote Assistance window when it pops up. I would like to be able to automatically generate the request for assistance and email it me with the authorization code in the email. I use ME3 somewhat regularly and have Pro but don't really use it. I will happily purchase a copy of whichever can do this for her computer if it can do it. ? suggestions?

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I see what you mean -- Macro Express seems to be deactivated in the Remote Assistance screen. Mouse Locator doesn't even recognize where the mouse is when it's over the RA window.


If you type into Google "batch command to initiate windows remote assistance" there are some command-line options that can be used to start Remote Assistance. Options differ depending on the version of Windows being used. If you can build a batch file on your Mom's computer that works for RA, then you could set up a hot key for her to run a macro, and the macro would run the batch file.

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