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I've used as many company email addresses as I can find to ask this question. So far, no replies to any. So I am asking this in forum hoping for some admin or company help. I started mailing on Jan 04, 2015.


I paid for Macro Express 3 Full Version on 03/24/2013. Since then I have gone through several hard drive formats and no longer have the name nor activation code available to me. I still have the payment email with all my information which I can provide. There are only a few days remaining on my evaluation copy and I would like to get this program re-registered asap.


I hoped at some point the company would have contacted me with some information. Maybe I need to repurchase the software. Maybe the software I originally paid for is newer now. But it still says version 3.1, so I don't understand the issue. When I paid for the software, was it more like a rental that expires in a year or two? If that's the case, it was not explained that way when I paid for it.


I want one of the big guys to help me with this. Please, assist me.


Thank you.

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Please send your request to info@wintools.com.


Lost your license?
If you have lost your license key (hard disk crash, new computer, etc.), please send your request for another license to info@wintools.com. In your request include the name and major version number for the product, and the name, email address and mailing address you used when you originally purchased the license. If your mailing address has changed since your original order, please include your new mailing address. This information is needed to locate your purchase in our customer database so the license can be reissued.


All requests for license information are processed by our sales department within one business day. If you think your email messages are not making it to our sales department, due to junk mail filtering or something, you can put your request in our bug report form here: Report a Bug

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