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Additional Prefix On Text Strings


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I've been experiencing a minor problem with Macro Express. I have various text

strings attached to macros activated by a hotkey sequence. For example the text string "Last amended dd mm yy (with the correct date)" is entered when the text string "#L" is entered - where "#" is my prefix key. About 7 times out of 10, I get the text string entered with a # character at the beginning (e.g. #Last amended dd mm yy). I've checked the # key isn't sticking or that I'm not inadvertently activating the repeat key process to no avail. It even happens on my home PC as well as my work one so its not my keyboard. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


Colum McAndrew

Care Business Solutions

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Hello not_colin!


When you say activated by a HotKey, I assume that you really mean activated by a ShortKey. Have you tried placing a delay of, say, 50ms as the first line in the macro? How are the ShortKey options set (Options | Preferences | ShortKeys)?

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Typically, this is a result of the program you are running this on. For example, if you run a shortkey in RoboHelp, this happens. ShortKeys (another program from Insight Software that just does text replacement) has this problem in Word.


What's going on is that the backspace is occasionally missed by the program, even though Macro Express is sending it. We have been looking into this for a while with limited success. It seems that the main problem is that the OS wasn't designed to accept keyboard input (simulated or otherwise) at speeds that Macro Express is capable of putting it out at. That's not really a fault of MS, either, as the OS has a lot to do in the background that can cause this.


Rest assurred, though, that the problem is known and is actively being worked on.

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