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Show Variables: rules?

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In Help under Show Variable Values I read:

"The values of the variables are displayed in a separate window when debugging a macro."

I'd always assumed it confined the results to that macro. IOW, the variables defined in that macro. But instead it shows the state of variables for the last macro on which F9 (or F7/F8) was used. When debugging a complex macro with many submacros (some with submacros), and around 50 variables involved, this can get quite confusing!


And what exactly are the rules as to what it shows. I see all three of these on different occasions:


1. 'No data to display'

2. Only the variables used in the macro

3. ALL variables, including the 394 built-in ones ( 4 x 99 for text, integer, decimal and control, as well as those used


For example, if a macro has no variables defined, and I run it and then use F5, under what circumstances should I expect to see user-defined variables displayed?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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