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Using Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.4, Win 98 SE, and ME 3.5e, I have a macro that does a control-+. Without ME, that shortcut does a zoom in. But with ME on, that macro does a rotate clockwise. Rotate clockwise is a shift-control-+ in Acrobat Reader. It looks like a shift is getting thrown in somewhere in Acrobat or ME.


I tried this with 6.0.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.0.3, and 6.0.4, and got the same result every time.


I tried putting in a shift up and shift down in the macro. That made no difference.


I tried putting in some delays. That made no difference.


I have another macro that does a control--, a zoom out, and it works fine.


I haven't seen any problems with any other macros in Acrobat Reader.


I experimented with the + keys on the numeric keypad and keyboard, and that didn't make any difference.


I tried doing a shift-control-+ in a macro, and that worked.


I haven't found a zoom in command in the menu that I could use in lieu of the control-+ short key.


Anyone have any good ideas?

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Yes that worked.


After thinking about this, it looks like Adobe did a fast one in their short cut tables.


In their table of short keys, they stated the control-+ key as the zoom in shortcut key.


Does "control-+" mean the control key and the +/= key or does it mean the control key, and the +/= key plus the shift key, to get a + as opposed an =.


I had never thought about this ambiguity before. When someone says control/shift/alternate with a key that is upper case does that mean to throw in the shift key as well? I would say no because if they meant to include the shift key, they should have included the shift as well. On the other hand, to get a + you have to shift and if you don't shift you are really doing control-=.


To avoid ambiguity and to keep this question from ever arising, the better practice would be never to use an upper case key with control/shift/alternate and refer only to the lower case key.


In this particular case, the crux of the matter is that the zoom in shortcut Adobe Reader is control-=, not control-+, as Adobe's table states the shortcut keys, and the true "control-+" key is control-shift-+/=, the rotate shortcut. When I put control-= in the macro it worked.


When Adobe Reader got the control-+ from ME, it thought the shift was on and did a rotate. It looks like ME passes to the application something different when the macro says control-= from when it says control=+.

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