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ME3 won't play back in VPS


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I want to set this up and use it in a virtual private server so that I can run macros even when my PC is shut down, but macros captured in a VPS do not function when run. I tried both mouse-click capture and keystroke capture. When played back, the cursor just moves around a little on the Macro Express window.

I've installed Macro Express, a browser, and a Notepad page with URLs to be copied in a VPS running Windows Server 2008.

If someone can suggest a solution for this issue,  I will be getting somewhere.

Thanks in advance.

NOTE: I am still using the mouse and keyboard installed on my PC. I am not clear on whether some adjustment is needed there.

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Make sure you are using a Windows server on AWS. Also, be sure that the applications running on AWS are not sandboxed. Macro Express needs to see all other applications that are running in order to interact with them. Sandboxing isolates each application from the others. And lastly, as I mentioned in response to your other post, be sure that there is not a setting or feature that prevents the processing of keystrokes when the AWS server does not have focus.

My minimal knowledge of Amazon AWS comes from reading information online and not from working experience. I may not be able to help any further. Perhaps another forum member has more experience with AWS and could provide further advice.

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