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FN Key and sheduled Hotkey Action

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I am looking to automate an action but before buying i would like to know if it works what i´m looking for.


My System is Windows 10 on a Lenovo Legion.

The Notebook has Keyboard Backlight. With "FN+Space" it will be activated/dectivated.


I would like to automate the activation of the Light at,  lets say, 6 PM and turn it off for an inactivity of 10 Minutes.  If an activation is recognized or after re-login to windows the Backlight will turn on, but only if it´s 6 PM or after till... 3 AM

Times may vary. This should only serve as an idea and to find out if this is possible with this program at all.

Thanks for Helping

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You cannot affect the Fn key with Macro Express. On the other hand, you cannot affect the Fn key in any third-party scripting tool that I am aware of. So you may be stuck performing the task manually.


On the other hand, I can think of one remote possibility that would enable you to automate the task. Go into the Bios, and see if you can change the hotkey to something that doesn't involve Fn.

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