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How do I insert PAUSE in macro?

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I am new, have a macro, and I am in Edit window, and I want to insert a PAUSE and RESUME. However, I do not seem to be able to figure out how to insert a line in the macro, neither do I find a place to see what the PAUSE/RESUME command actually is. Help appreciated.


Hans L

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The Pause command is in the Timing categories of macros. The Pause command displays a message and stops the macro until you click on the Resume button.


To easily find commands you can type in the search box underneath All Commands box. You can click in the box or press Alt+Down Arrow. To return to the script pane you can press Alt+Right Arrow.

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When you launch Macro Express and then close it the size and position of the Macro Express windows will be remembered. The next time it launches it will come up in that position.


For those macro commands that display something, most allow you to set the position. The Basic pause does not allow you to specify the position but the Complex Pause command will.

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