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Speed Issue When Playing Back Macros.


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I've been trying to create a macro that captures and records every single pixel within a window then constantly scans the window to see if any pixels have changed. However, the macro runs incredibly slow, particularly the part that copies each pixel color variable to the clipboard. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can speed the process up to occur almost instantaneously?


Also, I've noticed that even a simple macro that repeats and saves the number of repeats to a variable is slower than my liking. Does the program itself have built-in speed limitations? If so, how do I bypass these restrictions to accomplish my goals? Note: my processor is an AMD 64-bit 4000+ socket 939 so this shouldn't be causing the problem. In fact, I can still use my computer just fine while either of the aforementioned macros are running, leading me to believe that the program does indeed have speed limitations.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ;)

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The following information is from the Macro Express Knowledgebase.

Some users have found that Macro Express takes too many CPU cycles, making their applications run slowly. Others have found that the application they are automating takes too many CPU cycles and macros run too slowly. To help both types of users, there is a registry setting for Macro Express that adjusts the Macro Priority. It does not, however, have any effect when macros are not running.


At this time the Macro Priority setting cannot be changed from the preferences panels within Macro Express. You can, however, adjust the Macro Priority using Tweak Macro Express (tweakme3.mxe). We recommend that you try Macro Express with the default settings and then, if you need to adjust the Macro Priority, download tweakme3.mxe from http://www.macros.com/downmore.htm.


By default the Macro Priority value is set to 1000. Adjust this value higher if your macros are running too slowly. Adjust this value lower if Macro Express uses 100% of the CPU. A value of zero (0) disables the Macro Priority feature, giving macros the maximum priority.

For more information see Optimizing Macro Express CPU Utilization.

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