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A Wait Comand For Me ?


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I have a macro that opens an email from my lotus notes.

Sometimes the mail program is slow.

Normally I would put in a wait for window comand.


But the mail window title is never the same.


Is there a function that can wait for the mail??


What my macro does is:


activates the mail program notes

numenter (open the mail that is marked)

here i need a command that can wait for the mail to open.

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There are a couple of options.


1) The Window Title does not have to be a full title, so if even part of the title is the same, you could use that.


2) You could use the get pixel color at a certain location that changes color, such as the download status bar. This could be put in a Repeat Until command. The color would be stored in a variable and you could set the loopup to repeat until that variable equals that color.


3) The Wait for Mouse Cursor command can sometimes be used. If the busy cursor is used while downloading, you could use a wait command to wait for the arrow cursor.

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