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De-selecting A "select All" On Web Page


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This is more of a Microsoft Internet Explorer question rather than an ME question but I am asking it here because (1) I cannot figure this one out for numerous ME macros I am running and (2) this question would not arise but for automated operation under ME.


In order to place the text on a web page into a text variable, I am using the "Edit" / "Select All" or a "Control-A" command which blocks an entire web page for the "copy [to clipboard]" function.


My question is: OTHER than using a left mouse click, is there any way to then de-select the text on the web page?


I am now using a left mouse click but that is problematic as depending upon where the mouse cursor is on a web page, it sometimes activates an unwanted link (i.e. the mouse cursor is unexcpectedly over an active link and that link is activated taking the macro to an unwanted web page).


I have tried every conceivable keystroke I could find to "Deselect All" once "Select All" is used. I have been unable to come up with any way to Deselect All other than by using a left mouse click which as I note above has proved to be problematic.


Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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I occasionally have a need to do a select all/deselect in IE.


For a deselect, I just click on position 1,1 in the control called Internet Explorer_Server. That's the web content area in IE, the area below the explorer bar, toolbars, etc. Position 1,1 is the upper left-hand corner in this area, which is unlikely to contain any links.


I've included a demo macro with this posting.


If it doesn't work, you'll need to find out what the control is called on your PC. It could be different depending on IE version or OS version. You can do this via the Get Control Utility which is avail under the Get Control command.




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One of my partners came up with another solution which I pass along. It is to do a "find", search for a space, and then escape out of the find dialog. His description:


Ctrl+F -- Initiate find

[space] -- Search for space

[Enter] -- Initiate search

[Escape] -- Dismiss find dialog


This works, but has the downside of the moving the link cursor to the very next link past the found "space", no matter where it was previously on the page.


Thought I would pass it along.



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