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Rename File Using Date/time


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Hello, I have a PVR application that creates a fixed name of 'capture.mpg'

Everytime I want to perform a new capture, I first have to manually rename the captured file.


I would like to have a macro that does this automatically.


eg. If I have a macro that activates the stop button of my record application, it checks to see if a file called 'capture.mpg' exists, and if so renames it to something more meaningful like the current time/date.mpg


I found the text command 'Date/Time' which saves the current time into a variable. (eg T1)


What I want to know is can I use this variable in combination with a rename function?



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Hello Dean!


Using the Date/Time command, store a formatted date/time string to a variable, say T1, and then use it in the Rename File or Files command. Like this:

If File Exists "capture.mpg"
 Date/Time: Save "yyyy.mm.dd hh.mm" into %T1%
 Rename File or Files: "capture.mpg"
End If

<IFOTH:01:2:c:\temp\capture.mpg><DT:yyyy.mm.dd hh.mmT:01:1:><DOFILE:06:NN:c:\temp\capture.mpg>c:\temp\%T1%.mpg><ENDIF>

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