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Hi There !


I have a basic macro that I want to loop every minute, but it seems every loop adds a delay, which means the macro doesnt loop every minute or so and everytime the delay is more noticeable.


I used the technique in the FAQ with the set variable integer and calling another value for that same integer.


Anybody has an idea ? I put a 60 seconds delay right before the repeat end command.


thanks for the help! :D

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You could try to create a scheduled macro that activates every 10 minutes. To increase the accuracy you may want to change the Timer Interval from every 10 seconds to every 1 seconds. Click Options, Preferences, Scheduler and set the value under Timer Interval. Doing this, however, uses more CPU cycles.


This technique will be more accurate than a simple delay. However, it is not 100% accurate.

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You can have a scheduled macro will play over and over by making sure the Indefinitely box is checked.


Macro Express 3 will only run one macro at a time. If another macro is running when a Scheduled macro is supposed to activate, then it will be queued up for later.


You can run a Scheduled macro via a shortkey by having multiple macro activations.


You can start the timer for a Scheduled macro by creating it and then leaving it disabled in your macro file. Then create another macro that uses the Macro Enable to enable your Scheduled macro. At some point you will want to use the Macro Disable command to disable the Scheduled macro or it will run automatically the next time you start Macro Express.

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