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Hi. I'm new to macro express. Does anyone have any advice to offer, especially how to efficiently edit scripts. How do you make your life easier, can you colour certain lines, can you make gaps, can you tag parts of the script, how do you debug. I'm looking for those little ideas that when they occur to you you realise you have wasted hours! Thanx

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Right now, the only way to break portions of code up, is to use the Remark command. You can enter a blank remark to add a line, or you can enter comments in these remarks. The font color in the remarks is blue, so it will stand out in your script. There are plans for a future release that will give the ability to change the font colors in the Scripting Editor.

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The script editor is menu driven, so it inherently takes more time to create a script than, say, VBScript, or batch files, or other languages. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about syntax errors.


One feature in the editor that I've found to be invaluable is <Alt><Down Arrow>. It places the cursor in the Search for Command field where I can simply type the command that I need and then hit <Enter>, which places it in the script.

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