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  1. ok i got the macro to run via the scheduler, but the keystrokes do not get registered on login. it shows that the macro does run as the icon shows on the bottom. even just pressing the < win > key doesnt bring up the start menu. But if i run it manually it does work. i even put a 3 sec delay.
  2. After at login trigger in Task Manager, I can only put in the option of selecting to run a file but not press any buttons to activate the macro. Any examples of this?
  3. There isn't an activation option to run a macro when I login to my computer from a remote session. I'm using Splashtop and Teamviewer and want to run a macro when I login. Logging in involves the standard win10 login screen. What are some methods to get this to work? I tried resolution change, but that doesnt work as resolution doesnt change on login.
  4. Is there a way to create cipher text like ROT13 with a string in macro express? I want to be able to copy some text and modify this string and encrypt it with a cipher like ROT13.
  5. thanks cory, but was just wondering if thats in macex. guess not. do you know if there are any plans to integrate something like this?
  6. I have a variable string and I want to be able to make a POST to pastebin.com to save my variables. Does macroexpress provide such a functionality to do POST or GET request from a URL without having to open a browser? This would be really useful as we can consume JSON data from say twitter or other REST api services online.
  7. I manipulating some variables and i need to do modulus division as I need the remainder of 2 numbers i'm computing. How can I do modulus division? thanks!
  8. I'm trying to do a basic conditional if statement. I want to compare X to an array variable I have set. I basically have a preset array of strings I want to match a given variable to. I currently have this: http://prntscr.com/4n8ll0 if %name% = %name_ban[]% I left out the number inside the bracket to match the entire array. can this be done or is there another method to match a variable to a set of strings within an array?
  9. that seems to be only one line entry... i have a bunch of password that i just put in a text box with line breaks in between. how do you go about doing that? if macro express made backups without showing the variables exposed, this would solve alot of problems.
  10. hi, just noticed that the macro express backup files are not encrypted. I have a bunch of macros that are password protected, but you can still see all of the text strings in the backup file. Does anyone have a solution to encrypting the variables so it doesnt show up as plain text in the backup files? thanks
  11. doesnt work.. it shortened.. i try to output the following decimal in a message: .2938928392839292382 it outputs as 4.35E-31 see here: http://prntscr.com/40t753 how can one solve this issue? i have to sum a couple of these numbers up and paste it back out, but the output is shortened.
  12. hi, i want to make password manager and was wondering if macros can store dynamic data. say edit a textbox and then store that in a variable and then recall it back a couple of days later with the same edited information? if not what other solutions are there? currently i have to edit the macro itself in order to change the data. thanks
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