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New Copy/paste Problem


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I have copyed this into T2:


Job : WPIF808P

- Owner xxxxxxxxxxxxx

- code : 0008

- Stepname : INFOPPG

- Procname : SASPROD

- Jobnumber : JOB03547

- Application : APIFM1300

- Workstation : CPU2

- Operation text : Bevæg til xxx pre pol

- Start Time : 05.30.16

- Stop Time : 05.30.26

- Date : 02-03-2006




When my macro paste it out in my program, the only thing it types is:


Job : WPIF808P

- Owner


But if i type T2 out in notepad, it all comes out.

So T2 contains it all.


Any Idea???

Something about rich text maybe??

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It's called remedy.

It has a limited charaters.

But not that few...


But if I made a simple ctrl+c from my mail and a ctrl+v in the same field there is no problem.


And if I paste my T variable in notepad it's also no problem.


It's only when the T var. is pasted out in this remedy field...

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