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MEP VS MEP 6.? - Is it worth the update

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Hello.  I downloaded the trial version of MEP 6...  I do see a different UI.


I read a post with comments from ACANTOR a number of years ago.

Now that 6 has been out a while what does everyone think?


Does anyone have any opinions / comments on the upgrade?  Is it worth the TIME to learn / adapt?

(the cost is negligible so not worried about that)




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4 hours ago, Frank said:

Is it worth the TIME to learn / adapt?


I went from to 6, fairly recently.  Maybe I didn't do something right, maybe I'm not observant enough -- but I found nothing at all to learn or adapt to.  I saw no significant changes, and had to check several ways to make sure the new release was even installed.  I think you can leave the old version 4 installed in case you don't like 6.  I finally converted because I figured there had been time to resolve any bugs in version 6, and because I didn't want to get too far behind in releases. 

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The developers of Macro Express are constantly fixing bugs and enhancing features. I'm sure the bugs don't affect everybody, and some people have no use for the enhancements. So if your scripts work and you're able to do what you want to do, upgrading is not 100% necessary.


However, when I'm forced to use an older version of Macro Express (as happened recently when I developed scripts for an organization that had standardized on an older version), I'm relieved when I can go back to Version 6.x. The changes may be minor, but newer versions are better overall.


For example, when Macro Express Pro introduced the option of setting a string from a list...


Variable Set String %Result%: from List


I quickly found a way to use it in PowerPoint and Word. The two macros save me dozens of hours of drudgery every year.

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