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Debug > Show Variable Values: what have I forgotten?

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Hi guys.


Long time since I did much editing in MX Pro, and maybe years since I used this debug tool, so I expect this is down to me...


Tried several (working) macros with F9 and then hit F5 (or used the menu), but puzzled to find that does not open the expected window.


Terry, UK; MX Pro


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Hi Terry,


Are you referring to the "Start Debugger in a Different Window" screen?


There are debug settings: Options > Preferences... > General > Debug Tools


But I don't see how the settings can affect the appearance (or non-appearance) of the debug window. Maybe try the "Reset Page" button on that screen.


I wonder whether the issue might resolve itself by closing the MEP Explorer and restarting the computer...

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Thanks Alan.


I meant this window that can be displayed with F5 (or Debug > Show Variable Values), directly after running a macro with F9 (or Debug > Test Run).


But the good news is that your post prompted me to try it again - and it's now OK! Hence my screenshot. Previously I got nothing.


One of those glitches, hopefully a one-off 🙂




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