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No Editor Install Configuration


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I have installed ME without the editor on a couple machines where I don't want the users to be able to modify the macros but I’m at a loss on how to configure it. I knew I needed some network sync capabilities so I exported some registry keys for that and would just port them into the registry but it seems the settings for backups are under the HKCU, not the HKLM. I concerned now that maybe my settings are not working because I don’t know which hive it’s pulling from. Could someone please tell me how best to modify an editor-less installation?


Or maybe I’m missing something. Is there a way to get to the preferences without the editor?


Or maybe there’s a better way I’m missing altogether.


Thanks for any and all advice.

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Hello Cory!


It's just a simple matter of copying macedit.exe from your computer into the Macro Express installation folder on the editor-less workstation. Macro Express will recognize that the editor exists allowing you to make and save whatever preference changes you need. You would then delete or rename macedit.exe so that the next time Macro Express launches, it will once again see there is no editor.

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