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There are two ways to do this.


The easiest is to make sure the 'System Tray Left Click Option' found in 'Options', 'Preferences', 'Miscellaneous' is set to 'Start Macro Express Editor'. Then you can click the Macro Express icon in the system tray.


You can create a shortcut on your desktop or elsewhere that will launch the Macro Express Editor. To do this, create a shortcut to MeProc.exe. After you have created the shortcut you will need to edit the properties of the shortcut and put the following information in the 'Target:' field

"C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe" /ARun Macro Express Editor

If you have installed Macro Express in a folder other than the default location then you will need to put the path you used in the shortcut.

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I like the shortcut way because I have the systray icon hidden. Is it possible for Macro Express to be smart enough to do this with it's current shortcut, so users don't have to create extra shortcuts to clutter their menus? Perhaps in a future version of the program?

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