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Controlling Unix Ported App. With Me


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Hi, I have an upcomming task, with a CAD system, that originated from the UNIX platform. The particular CAD software is ported to Windows 2000. Which limitations/ possibilities will ME have for controlling such app?


If at least mouse movements, LMB/RMB + textwriting, use of CAD software shortkeys & eventually clipboard functions work, i'm fine. I understand that "controls" offcourse wouldn't work :-)


Do any of you have some experience there?


regards Lars

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I cannot think of any reasons why it would not work.


Does the CAD program run in a Command Prompt window? If so, macros will work if you are using Windows 2000/XP/2003 but not on Windows 98/ME/95.


If it doesn't run in the Command Prompt window then the program is a Windows application and it may even have Window Controls. This depends on the compiler options used to compile the CAD program for Windows.


I, for one, am curious whether or not it works. After you try it, would you post a reply to tell us?

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The particular CAD (Computer Aided Design) software do have an UNIX based userinterface, but the software is ported to Windows, so in that way it isn't based on an OS command prompt nor using Microsoft Foundation Classes for userinterface.


Another thing, I tried to do a little test with the old dos version of Norton Commander running in an OS command prompt (W2K). To my great surprise ME could easily send keystrokes, use shortkeys + copy to clipboard, (made with mouse move selection followed by ENTER).

I hope to get the job with the CAD software, however i'm still in the selling process :)

regards Lars

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