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Save Macro File Vs Exporting Keys


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My company has started to get Fatal Errors when keys are run. Insight Solutions discovered this is due to our having old versions of ME. When our tech's do upgrades to the system employee's personal pc's keys can error out fatally. We are having our IT department upgrade each individuals ME program. However, each employee not only has keys made by myself for production and such, but they have also made their own keys at times.


What is the best (not necessarily the easiest way) to save the keys on each individuals pc's. I can have them do a Save Macro File As.. or I can have them export each key and then re-import it when the new version is installed on their pc's.


With Save Macro File As...wouldn't the new ME then run the keys from wherever they were saved? Versus importing them and having them in ME?


IT is going to un-install the old versions of ME before they re-install the updated version of ME. Is this really the appropriate way to go?


Thanks for any feedback I can get.



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There are several ways to save your macro file. You can do a Save As and you can Export them. But, the simplest way may be to simply make a copy of the macro file.


When the Macro Express editor is loaded, the path and filename of the macro file is displayed in the header above the list of macros. Use normal windows methods to copy the file such as My Computer, Windows Explorer, batch files, your backup program, or any other program that allows you to copy a file.


When you install a newer version of Macro Express over an older one the macros are normally preserved. However, we recommend that you backup you macro file.


Note that some versions of Macro Express allow you to automatically back up the macro file. The most recent versions of Macro Express remind you to enable the automatic backup option.

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