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Sending Jpg Files Using Email Function


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I have set up the email function in a key. The email sends ok, however it doesn't have the attachment on it.


I want the key to go to the copy the path into T1 and the file name into T2. Put that information into the attachment section on the email function. Send the email and then go to the next file. I don't know the name of the next file, I just know that all files in a particular folder that I start the key in are jpg files.


When I put ADD in the attachment part of the email function it says ADD text or variables. I have tried using %T1%\%T2% and T1\T2 and neither works. There is not a varaible list to choose the variable from like there is in If statement functions, etc.


Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?


Thanks, John

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First, make sure that you have the latest version of Macro Express. Check the Macro Express download page for the latest version. There was a problem with attachments in the E-Mail Send command in some versions of Macro Express 3.


Inside the E-Mail Send command in your macro, click the 'Add' button and choose the 'Add Variable' option. When the 'Enter Text (Including Variables):' dialog appears, enter the pathname and variable to the attachment. For example you might type '%T1%\%T2%'.


Here is my sample macro that I used to test this:

Set Variable %T1% to "Path to My Documents"
Variable Set String %T1% "%T1%\My Pictures\Concord Pictures\100DUOPL"
Variable Set String %T2% "IMG00049.JPG"
Text Box Display: path
E-Mail Send: Know Recipients, Fixed Text, Attachments

I entered '%T1%\%T2%' inside both the Text Box Display and E-Mail Send commands.


If you continue to have trouble, check the pathname. I used the Text Box Display command to display the path so I could make sure it was correct. Once you know the macro is working you can delete or disable this command.


If you still continue to have trouble then perhaps the problem is with your email system. Many companies are now filtering out email attachments. It is possible that the email is being sent with the attachment but the email servers are removing it.

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