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'start Processing Record' Question


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I'm a beginner to all of this stuff so if some of my verbiage is incorrect, please forgive me.


A part of my macro loads text files as inputs. In the text files are a long string of items I want pasted.


For example: I have a list of 300 items that need to be pasted. I have the file listed as T1 and Macro Express is instructed to start processing at record 1. Therefore, it processes the command and pastes item 1, the first item in that file. Next, I have it post T1 and start processing at record 2 so it posts item 2 in the list and so on 300 times.


The problem is, I currently have to copy the entire script and go back in and edit just that one line to 'start processing at record' 300 different times (and the script does this 5 times per round) I want to save myself 1500 copy and pastes ya know?


My question is, Is there an easier way to get the script to automatically go through my list sequentially?



Let me know if I can be more clear somehow.


Thank you!

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Oh yes, and I thought of another semi-related question.


Say for example I have a giganticly long repeating script and I want to edit one command. Normally I would have to go through every repeat and edit whatever it is that I want to edit over and over again.


Is there a way to Find and Replace one line of a script with something else?

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Yes. Check out ASCII File Begin Process and Text File Begin Process. They work like a repeat sticking each line in variables.


To jump in at a certian spot you can use the "Start Processing Record" section and use a variable. Of course you need to prompt the user for this value before.

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