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Watch All Day For New Arrivals In Clipboard


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I see the "Set String from Clipboard", but I'd like a macro that loads on morning boot, and then responds instantly to arrival of one of three words in clipboard, (BUY, SELL, or CANCEL_ALL) then clears clipboard, and then repeats this all day.


60-second scheduling would cause gaps in checking or be too infrequent a polling?


I'm very new to this ME. So verbose is acceptable if you can bear it.


I began this way...





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As far as I know there’s no way to activate a macro form the clipboard. I think the best you could hope to do would be to have a macro run with a repeat at whatever interval you please. IOW repeat, get clipboard and test, wait 1 second, repeat. But that would mean the macro would be running all the time and you couldn’t run any more macros.


Would the clipping be coming from a certain application? If it would I’m sure we could use a control or window activation to limit it’s run time. IOW when the trading options appear in the XYZ Stock Trading program have it recognize a control and start watching the clipboard. When the window or control disappears abort the macro.

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:rolleyes: It's looking up! Thanks for quick and helpful reply Cory.


Perhaps, as long as macro does not drink up all memory by mkt close, I'll have my solution, even if it needs to be the only macro running -- I'd sacrifice this laptop to the job, and play on other toys.


Clipboard does appear to report new arrivals to ME, so wrapping it in the FAQ constant looper was all that was needed for it to keep testing for newly arriving clip words...


Great news, since charting package did not report much to control grabber, not distinguishing its message control popups from chart itself.


I may yet need to incorporate your activate-a-custom-window suggestion somehow, where the window title itself could be SELL.


But so far, ME needs know nothing of the charting package -- linking only clipboard to 3 buttons in 3rd party order processor -- what a simple surprize!


I'll give this macro a simulator trial run on Monday... I may have lucked out with this fine ME program. Since the programmers have already done the heavy lifting, robot's parts flew together in hours.

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