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Does anyone know of a write-up somewhere that explains how the clipboard works in RD sessions? For instance I might copy something on the remote system and still have something on the local system. How does it know which to use? Usually it seems like there is one shared clipboard but other times it seems to go haywire and I can figure out what it’s thinking. Usually if I disconnect and reconnect all is well again but I’m curious to know how it works.

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I'm no expert with this, but I had installed ME on the remote desktop, and used it FROM that window, but found that if I nave ME installed locally, even if running RD in full screen mode, it seems hta tthe local clipboard is active, for data both locally and remotely.

I will experiment more, because there are a couple applications where I need that remote data, in a clean fashion



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I use ME mostly thru RD (Remote Desktop) to Terminal Servers and I recently had a big one where I was copying and pasting back and forth. I learned a few things but I also found that after some time the clipboard becomes unresponsive on the remote machine and that disconnecting and reconnecting fixes this. So many of the things I thought were complex behaviour was acttually the thing glitching out. Not only that but it often just becomes difficult for some reason. Like it's not hearing your commands from afar but only about 60% of the time. In ME I found the trick on the remote session is to always do a clipboard empty right before a copy and move to text variable. As long as the clip copy command is comming from the remote system it seems to be fine. Also there is a new RD client out now that I'm dieing to try.

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