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I would like to random run a macro in a specific directory every hour.. Howto make a macro than choose a script? Feels like this could be something implented but im been looking for it and can't figure something out..



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Huh? I'm sorry, it's not clear to me what you are trying to ask. What do you mean by "random run a macro". I was thinking you meant at a random time interval but then you said "every hour". Exactly what is it you want to randomize? Be more explicit please.


In general the major way to randomize something in ME is to use the Set Integer Variables using the Set Random Value option. This will give you a random integer but often you need something else. Let’s say you have a list of names you want to pick at random… Simply do a repeat loop thru that list and have it bail out at the random integer value. I don’t know if this is what you are after but thought I would toss it out there anyway.

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Oh sorry I will try to explain little better..


Ive got a directory in ME where I made some

scripts.. In that directory there is a sub-directory

named "Attack".. In this sub-directory ive got

alot of scripts.. like 10 different ones.. And when

im not by the computer I want it to pick a randomize

one every hour.. Like first hour run script #6 in the

directory.. and... after two hours run script #4..

and so on and so on...... Ill hope you understand

me abit better now.. :-)



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That's a curious use!


Simply create a master macro to run every hour and generate a random number not more than 10 like I suggested and stuff it in N1. Then repeat with folder N1 times sticking the macro name in T1. When the repeat is done T1 will be your random macro name. Just launch it! BTW it might he easier if you keep all those macros in one ME file.

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Ok thanks! I will test it soon.. but you said something about random time interval before.. How do ill make that?.. Would also be useful in some states.. It would be great if thoose scripts could be runned after 60-80 min.. but not longer or shorter time.. :) how to solve that?

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