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Ie7 And Xp Sp2 Just Lost Controls


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Looking for some advise. I have put off updating to IE7 specifically because of the issues brought up in this forum and now I have had to do it. With IE6 I was able to find some controls in the internet windows I used the most and would use then as reference to tab to other buttons. After the update I lost those controls. IT will recognize the window and the control bar at the top but nothing in the internet window.


Any suggestions on how to get them back?

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I don't have an answer for you but I'm curious about somethign you said. In all my IE automation routines I have never seen a control in and HTML web page. Of course after a while I gave up but what you said piqued my interest. Where did you find controls in a web site? Can you give an example?


However I will say that I have been able to do everythgn I've ever needed to by using finds, series of tabs and such to navigate web pages.

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