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Using Oblivion - common game


After activating the "Oblivion" window, the Macro's commands appear to stop working. The game does not respond to any commands given by Macro Express, but becomes responsive again after minimizing the "Oblivion" game window.


Is this a Macro Express issue, an Oblivion issue, or a combination of both? Is there a workaround for this?


Any information available would be appreciated.



cp dunbar

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Two things. First off depending on the type of application, ME might not work. There are many 'full screen' games like this whihc bonk into an alter mode when playing. If you can run the game as a windowed applicaton ME might work but if you can only run it in fulll screen it won't.


Secondly too many people are making cheat-bots for games so I've heard that many of them have been taking measures to prohibit this and it seems reasonable that ME would be effected.

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