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Create My Own Recycle Bin


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Hello to everyone

For some reason I need to create a sort of alternative for the delete-function in Explorer:

Whenever I press Del when working in Explorer/ My Documents, I want the files or folders not to move the Widows recycle bin, but instead to move to an folder which I made myself (named f.e. My Fake Recyclebin)

Can MacroExpress do this job ?


I presume yes, but I can't find the right commands (I'm not very experienced although I use a lot of very simple macro's)

Thanks in advance for any advice or hints



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I don’t think you want to use the delete button as it is essential for normal windows operations but this is relatively easy. I wrote a macro like this for a client but it was a subroutine for other macros. But the idea is the same. Our problem was that on a Windows 2000 Server there is no undelete for the network so I would move the files to a folder called c:\MEDelete. You can even have the macro manage the content and if it sees anything over a certain date or if it’s beyond a certain size delete the necessary files.


Figuring out how you want to activate it is the key. You can right mouse click a file and have a context sensitive menu item (see recent thread on this subject) that would pass the path to ME and launch a macro which would do whatever you like or you could simply highlight files, do a CTRL+X and pop open an explorer window to you recycle bin and paste. You could use that multiple file select like patgenn123 was talking about. There are all kinds of ways.

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