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Scrub the question above.


I just ran a more comprehensive search on previous posts and can see that there's a bug in this latest release of Macro Express, running with Windows XP.


You can't get a 24 hour clock in Set Schedule. You have to change your Windows regional settings to hh:mm:ss:t to give you a 12 hour clock with AM or PM.


I'm quite disappointed that I got no response from Insight to my question after 3 weeks.

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While we at Insight Software Solutions may read and reply to issues disucussed in this forum, we do not guarantee that we will read and answer all issues posted here. We thank Professional Grade Macros for hosting this forum on behalf of Macro Express users.


This issue has been submitted to our bug tracking system at http://www.macros.com/bugreport.htm. However, as stated on the Report a Bug web page, "You will not receive a personal email response unless we need more information."


To receive a prompt personal reply from Insight Software Solutions, send your question to info@wintools.com.


This problem has been fixed and is awaiting internal testing. It was originally entered into our tracking system on 17 Aug 2004. The next release of Macro Express will include this fix. The date of the next release has not been set.

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