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Cap Locks?


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It may just be me but ME only seems to be able to toggle Cap Locks. If I use the CAPS Lock On command and it is already ON, ME turns it OFF instead of ignoring the command. Same thing happens with the CAPS Lock Off command. If CAPS LOCK is OFF, ME turns it ON.


Anyone have any suggestions or know of any programs that can actually determine the CAPS LOCK state?

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The Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock commands do not test the state of the key. But neither are they toggles. On our computers, if I run the Caps Lock On command, and my caps lock is already on, it stays on. Same with the other two keys. We use Win2k and WinXp.


As to something that can return the value of the Caps Lock state, we have had a request from a client to look into it. If we find a solution it will be posted.

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I have the same problem, when I use the ME command to set the caps lock on it actually toggles the Caps lock state. Can't find anything in windows help/kb that might change this behaviour. I'm running WinXP pro with all latest updates. Tried changing both settings for Caps Lock in ME preferences with no effect. Any suggestions?


UPDATE: I realized that I had entered the text (in the text type command) in uppercase ... so that with the Caps lock on it switched the text to lower case. changing it to lower case along with disabling both "Restore CAPS Lock State when Finished Playing a Macro" and "Turn CAPS Lock Off when Starting a Macro" seems to have fixed my problem

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