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Run A Macro, Pause---get A Choice From A Floating


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anyway to run a macro, pause---get a choice from a floating menu, and continue the macro with actions based that choice?


I have a program that processes directories and lists (one at a time) the files, I then enter a rating value (a b c d e) that determines where that file should be moved to ... (a = folder a , b = folder b, c= folder c etc.)


i have this working, BUT am trying to improve performance of this, the problem is the Multi-choice menu takes to redisplay, so I'm trying to use a floating popup instead..


seems the floating menu would be very fast since it doesn't need to be recreated...


but I can't communicate between the floating choices

(because only 1 macro can run at a time, the menu choice must only run a macro)


i thought I could restructure the program (macro), to do do the FOLDER scan..

find 1 file and exit ? (saving state VARS)


then FLOATING choice relaunchs the macro and the macro resumes , but the REPEAT WITH FOLDER function would start over again...

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Yes you can do this. The problem as you've observed is that you cannot run two macros at the same time so you need to be a little clever to run one macro, hand off to another macro, and return to the original macro. For these handoffs I save values in the registry. The trick is to structure your original macro to read these registry settings from the beginning and somehow jump to the position where you left off. For instance if you were doing an ASCII file process you can save the repeat instance in aregistry key and use as this starting position of the repeat command plus one.

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