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Activate An Exact (not Partial) Window


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When I run a macro to launch Eudora.exe, my macro does various other things.

I then re-'activate' the eudora window.

But, if i have the file D:\eudora.ini or the eudora directory open, my macro runs amuck, opening/starting many WRONG programs/tasks.

I tried to 'activate' eudora.exe, but it 'can't be found'....

Is there a way to 'activate' an EXACT (NOT partial) window?

Greg Chi

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In the current version of Macro Express there is not a way to specify an exact window title in a Window Activated macro. However, you can place 'If Window Title' and/or 'Activate Window' commands inside your macro to either ensure that the macro only affects the appropriate window. Make sure that you activate the window title (something like 'Eudora - ['), not the program name (eudora.exe).

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