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How To Turn Macro Off With By Pressing Buttons?


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hello, on my computer the pause + scroll lock will turn the macro off. but on my laptop these buttons do not turn the macro off. i had to turn my laptop off cuz the thing wouldnt shut off!! so frustrating. what button do i press? i cant scroll to the macro to click it so it will abort because it wont let me!

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Depending on what is happening in your macro you may or may not be able to stop it.


We provide two different ways to stop a macro, one using keystrokes and the other using mouse clicks. The reason there are two methods is because if your macro or your application or windows is too busy to see the keyboard messages, then you can use the mouse click. On the other hand if your computer is too busy to see the mouse clicks then you can use the keyboard.


On rare occasions Windows stops responding to both keyboard and mouse messages. In those cases you cannot stop the macro.


Further, if you are using a Wait Time Delay or Wait for Time to Elapse command, you cannot stop the macro. This is because these commands put Macro Express to sleep for the specified period of time.


The keystrokes used to stop the macro can be changed using the 'Abort Macro HotKey' setting found in Options, Preferences, Playback. If you have changed this then Scroll Lock+Pause will not stop your macro.

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I run macros from my laptop as well... here is my suggestion...


on the main macro toolbar, go to Options, then to Preferences. On the lefthand menu, select "Playback". Here, you can change the keys that will pause or abort a macro. I do not use the abort command, I always use the pause command (it puts up a prompt box to continue or abort). For the Pause Macro Hotkey, I have the "Pause" key selected. Then, on my laptop, I hit the function key and the Pause key at the same time... and that will stop the macro.

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