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Windows Device Events To Launch Macros


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I had bad timing and my post didn't migrate so I'm reposting...


OK, I’m being lazy in asking but I don’t have time right now to spend hours researching this because of the 'needle in a haystack' problem googling. So hopefully one of you have some experience with this and can at least send me in the right direction.


In Windows when using devices like scanners, cameras, and flash drives there are associated ‘events’. For instance if you push a button on the front of the scanner it might launch OmniPage and jump to the scan interface. Or if you plug in your camera or flash drive the OS will automatically dump your files to the My Pictures folder. In fact usually it will confront you with some options the first time you connect. So far, so good.


But the options are predefined and often created by a program’s install app. So how does one define these? What I would like to do is add an event that will run a macro. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Have you tried creating an event-driven macro based on a Window Title or Window Control? If, for example, you know that Omni Page will fire when you turn on your scanner, then create a macro to fire when it sees that window, or a control in the window, has surfaced.

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That could possibly work. I could set the action to always open the file folder for instance and when it sees a window title with "e:\" in the title. But that's a problem in Vista because Windows Explorer windows don't have titles anymore. It just seemed that the most elegant solution was ot create an even like OmniPage did.

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