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Window Reposition using Specific Window


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I am trying to use the 'Window Reposition' command using the "specific window" option with "window title" with a program


where the title changes. (The program adds/changes the time and date in the title plus adds/removes 'Press F1 for help') So


far the "partial title" feature in Macro Express does not help. Anyone experience this and any suggestions?


Thanks, Don

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Is the window a child (sub) window?


If the window has focus when the macro is activated, you may be able to use the 'Use Current Window' option. Also, if you have not tried already, you may be able to get it to recognize the right window by using the Select Window option from Size or Position a Window options. The window that you wish to use must be open when you double click on the Window Reposition option in the list of commands.

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Is there nothing common in the window title? For instance I have a time tracking software that shows the accumulated time, client name and so forth but it always contains the word "TimeSlice" in the title and a partial match works for it.


Assuming there isn't how would you or the macro know which is the correct window? It seems what you are suggesting is that the window is completely random so how would you, programmaticly, identify the correct window title? If you can find some kind of test you could use it with the Repeat With Windows command until you found the correct one and then stick T1 (or what have you) into the title field of the Window Reposition command.


Another thought might be to execute the executable again. Many programs like Outlook will not launch another instance but rather switch to the instance currently open. This brings it to the top and you can use the Window Reposition with topmost window as Jason described.

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