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Detect or find hyperlink without moving cursor there?


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I've used the method of moving the cursor around the screen and checking for the "If cursor equals Internet navigate" but this is way too slow when checking the entire screen.


Does anyone know how to find the location of a hyperlink in a faster manner - more like the "get pixel color at X, Y" can do? That method is very fast, but I don't know how to detect a hyperlink that way - only color





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An alternative to tabbing is to "View Source" in your browser and parse your hyperlinks from the HTML. But of course you need to understand a little about HTML to make this work for you but even if you don't understand HTML it's pretty easy to learn how to identify a hyperlink attached to a graphic. In fact if you give me a URL I'll show you exactly how.

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Well, I don't think the source code or the tab-enter trick will work. The problem is that I want to search a given area (or even the entire screen) on the screen and detect the pixel coordinates where the link starts and ends. I don't want to click on it - just detect its presence. When I find the link then I will move the mouse there and do a macro test to see if it's the link I'm looking for.


Basically I'm looking to have the macro find the location on the screen of all the links on the page.


Any other ideas?

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I think my solution will work for you, assuming it's normal HTML of course. If you look at the macro link link on this page of my web site in HTML you will see it looks like this: <a href="Multiple_Choice.mex"><img src="MEPlay.gif"></a> I took out some of the additional parameters for clarity but this still works. Now it's really easy for me to see that the link (href) will take me to Multiple_Choice.mex. Of course that's a relative link so normally it would look like a URL, EG, http://bluepointdesign.com/macros/multiple...iple_Choice.mex. Isn't this URL what you're extracting by hovering?

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