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wait for webpage load / search features


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hi guys


there are a couple of features what i'd like get to know.


wait for webpage load


we use a web-based tool, and when i hit any of the buttons which take me somewhere else in the tool, "the wait for webpage" feature doesn't work. When the tool is lagging, the macro keeps on running, and the whole process is screwed


i'd like to search for objects within the internet explorer window. what we do now is that i...


CTRL down

text type CTRL + F


text type whatilookfor

text type ENTER

text type TAB

text type ENTER


this way i can look for texts/links. But there is a case when i should extract a particular information out of a cell in explorer.

Do you guys have an idea how i can do that? or do you guys know anyone who offers "consultancy" in this? We are planning to purchase the unlimited license, but for this i need to get to know the tool.

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I'm a hired gun. If you're interested contact me via PM or my webpage. I can either create turnkey solutions or provide a solution with training.


As for your web page waiting there can be several problems and solutions and it greatly depends on what type of scripting or active content is running in the web page. As far as grabbing some text it again depends on the web page but usually I grab the raw HTML and extract what I need from there. But here again it depends on the web content. Perhaps you could give us a URL to take a look at?

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