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Red MacroExpress Tray Icon

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I have just noticed in the past two days that sometimes the MacroExpress tray icon is red instead of blue. It is not the "Suspend" icon with the circle and line, but a M MEicon.jpg as you can see, 2nd from left icon


I have tried to search the forum for 'red tray icon' but all the words are to short and the search is refused so I apologize if this has been asked before. Did not find reference in the help file either.


What does the M icon mean, this is new to me?


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We have heard reports of this before and I have seen it on my computer. When you use remote desktop to access a computer from another computer on the network the Macro Express icon is red when the remote session is disconnected. There may be other causes but we have not yet been able to identify them. This is not intentional behavior. We would like to fix this if we can identify the cause.


Do you or someone on your network use remote desktop to access your computer? Can you identify another cause?

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Yes, it just seems to be with Windows RDP only as far as I can tell. I have used several other non-Windows RATs without (noticing) this happening. No biggie. As usual, I find other (non-Windows) utilities to be either more useful and/or less problematic.


For instance, there is some screen oddness with "Windows" Remote Invite on the remote host computer...


I can see their screen and their firewall (Kerio PF) prompt them to allow control access (allow, deny, etc.), they do not see these prompts on their screen, and while I can see their screen and these prompts I do not yet have mouse or keyboard control. Very messy to deal with. For now I'll stick with UltraVNC, UltraVNC SC, RemoteAnything, LogMeIn, etc.


Thank you for your response. I'll not worry about it. If I try working with Windows Remote Invititation again and notice registry changes or other that might account for the blushing M I'll post back here.


It might be good and useful to know remote access has occurred!


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