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Hi, Paul,


From: Paul Thornett <pault1@hotkey.net.au>


Subject: Re: VBS Scriptng / ADSI, etc.

Date: 06/11/2004



It's a bit more complicated than that. When ME calls such a program,

control returns immediately to ME - often that's not what is wanted,

and you have to find a way to persuade ME to wait until the external

program has finished. In our PGM library functions, I've written a

shell that accepts calls to VB6 functions I have written and fires

them off asynchronously. As usual, control returns immediately to ME.

There's an ME function I've written that then polls a specific

registry value to see when the external process is complete (or has

timed out according to a user-settable value) - this registry value is

controlled by the VB6 shell.




Paul Thornett

In old newsgroups; where do I find this in PGM functions?


Thanks, Randall

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