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Need help getting data from website for multiple items in a list and putting it into excel

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I have a coworker who is being really condescending because he is under the impression that I cannot possibly accomplish an important part of my project without his amazing programming skills and it is really irritating me. He yells at people and points in their face and I am determined to figure this out without him or die trying. :angry:


I have a column in excel that has a bunch of filenames. These filenames have an extension to show the year it was in effect. This changes and I need to keep 12000 files updated with the correct extension.


There is a webpage for each filename and the filename (without the extension) is actually in the url, like this:




When the page opens, the full filename, with the extension that I need is in the title bar. It is also in the sourcecode after these words:


<meta description="W768-06


I would like to copy the filename with the extension back to my excel file in the cell next to the original.


So, I know each step that I need to do. I just don't know how to do some of them...like variables, I'm not sure how to move down the list and do the process for each one.


Here's what I've got:


1. Go to excel and copy filename from D2 in book1.xls (copy w768 from cell D2)

2. Open browser, go to http:\\www.example.com\filename.htm (go to http:\\www.example.com\W768.htm)

3. copy the window title and paste it into book1.xls in cell E2 (copy window title "W768-06" and paste into cell E2)

4. Repeat the process with the filename in cell D3


You have no idea how much I would appreciate any help with this.


Thanks in advance!

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