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If mouse clicks on certain control, do something..


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Hello all!


I have been looking all around for this and can't find it. Maybe it's too late at night.


Here is my scenario:


I have MANY "Get Control" fields CAPTURED by the "Get Control" ME function. All of them are in order C1, C2, C3 etc. These controls are all field text labels


I want a macro to "fire" everytime my mouse clicks on ANY of those controls(C1, C2, C3). This means it has to be based on my moving the mouse on the control and "clicking it".


From my understanding, MOUSE CLICK ON CONTROL means that the mouse knows where it's going. The mouse in my situation doesn't know where it's going until it gets there and "clicks the area".


Why can't I find anything tonight? Frustrated...





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I had a similar situation, and I could not find a ME command to fire a macro when a control is clicked.


There IS an option to fire a macro when a control gains focus. If clicking causes focus, this might work for you, but you probably would need a separate macro for each and every control, whose only function was to run the "real" macro.


There's also an option to fire a macro when you click within an area on the screen based on rectangular coordinates. I have used that. The problem with that was, that clicking on the Exit button shut down the whole application, and the window closed before the macro could run.

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