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search for a text box in a program


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Hi all,


I have this program that show a list of companies, and i'm trying to do with macro express an automatic printing system, the problem is that i can only list 99 companies / page , so i need to press the next page button and go to print again, and i'm trying to make this thing with macro express, but the problem is that the button that i need to press for the next page changes position, because it has text in front of it that changes, so i can't do it with the recorder.


I was thinking if i can search for the text box where the number of the page is , change it manually and tell the macro to press enter, then go tje print button and go from there


Please let me know if you have any idea on how to search for the text box



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I'm not sure which program working in besides Macro Express (i.e. the program with the text box from which you are printing), but what I usually do is use the tab key, or other short cut key. It sounds like you might want to repeat the tab key until the "next page" text box is highlighted. At that point, you would either enter a "enter" or "space" key to activate the "next page" command?


You can try it out on this page. Keep hitting the tab key an notice how the highlight moves around the page. All you need to do is count how many times you hit tab (from the initial highlight position) until you get to the "next page" command.


If this doesn't work, you might have to make a nother macro that just prints the current page, but you manually click on the next page button.


There may be more alternatives, but I'm not sure what program you are working with.



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I agree with Alex,

I should definitely try to use the "Text Type: <Tab><Tab><Tab>."

You might also be able to use "Get Control" but probably not.

From the MacEx editor go to Window Controls > Get Control > Launch Get Control Utility.

Drag the CrossHairs around and see if it can "Lock on to" your 'Print Next Page' button. If it can, then you can probably use the get control ... Even if it can though, <Tab><Tab><Tab> would stil be the prefered way to go.


...maybe others have ideas too.


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Thanks guys for all the help, i just got back in office and i did not have time to respond, i will try the get control thing because the tab button does not work :(.But how can i make the script to do something like this :


1. Press button next page

2.Wait 60 seconds

3.Go to print button



And repeat the exact thing after 20 seconds


Thanks a lot guys

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Hi all,


The thing with get control works great , but i have a question ,how do i tell macro express after get control to press left click, i din if mouse click control , but when i run the script it only finds the button and does not click?


Any ideas ?



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Try using the Mouse Move command. One of the options is Relative to Control. Once you move the mouse, follow it with a Mouse Left Button command. If this is a web app, you may need to place a small delay between the Mouse Move and Mouse Left Button commands.

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