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Macro Express holds up login script on start up


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I am currently using Macro Express with a macro file stored on a network drive. I have Macro Express set to startup when Windows starts. We have login scripts that run to map these network drives, so the drive is usually not available until that runs. Macro Express loads before the drive is ready and gives the error that it can not find the file. I changed the Wait For option to 60 seconds and the login script will not run during that time. It seems that Macro Express holds up the login script with this option. Is there anyway to get Macro Express to wait until the login script runs before it tries to load or something else I can try?

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How about you create a local macro file with one macro that runs at startup that does nothing more than waits until the network file exists and then launches the networked macro file?


Also instead of running ME from the Startup group you could run it from your script that maps the dives.

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